This is our family pet Brutus. Well actually,, I think all the animals on our farm are pets in one sense or another.  Brutus is an Australian Shepherd . (river rock-clay) is what they call his coloring/markings.  I feel very fortunate to write that all of our outside farm dogs have been great, docile, family oriented dogs. We have lost a few over the years as do all people. And they become so much a part of our lives.  No, they aren’t our children but I believe their should be a new word to describe their place in our lives/hearts because they are more than a family dog too.


Anyway, Here is Brutus. He is so much joy for me. Especially since our children are all grown and most days its just him and I here.  There is a special iron chair that sits on the back deck and most mornings and evenings you can find him there without fail.  He sort of took over the big chair with arms that sat in the corner tight to the glass door. Out of the weather I suspect. So it was only natural to buy him a large dog pillow and make sure he is comfortable. Right.

Some mornings Brute can be found laying on the front deck, where he can watch the road and take in some sunshine.  He is a keen watch dog.

If you drive onto our farm, and you know us at all.  You only need to look for Brutus and you will know where we are. If he is sitting in the yard between the house and barn. Its a safe bet I am out in one of the barns. If He is on one of the porches. I am in the house. If he is no where to be seen, he’s with me in the back acreage. He will investigate the woods, the swamps, and will run in front of my tractor tires a dozen times, but always seems to stay out of harms way. Thank God.


He will …if I give him the nod, or pat my leg he will climb the step on my Oliver 1750 and he will push himself against the front of the seat and sit there till I cannot hardly work the pedals with ease. When I stop and say lets go, he will sit. I climb off the tractor and try to coax him to no avail. He wants to ride.  In the fall, He wants to ride in the combine. I will not allow him to do this unless the door is shut and if I need to get out I shut the machines down completely so he or I never fall into moving parts.

He is my buddy, my friend, my protector.  When the grandbabies are here, he is between them and the house, and if they start to wonder out of their designated play area, he is ahead of them. How does he know where they are going….smart smart dog.

Alaina and Brutus
Alaina and Brutus

My cousin stopped by here once, a man I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years, when I went to the porch to see who it was he informed me that he had been by the day before….but in HIS WORDS        “You dog put me back in my truck”.        Brutus never came near him but the look  must have sent a powerful enough warning. I laughed and said  “That’s his job”.

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