My life is full of   WOW’s.

Three beautiful grown children that still today sometimes I stop, scratch my head and look towards the heavens and ask :  Lord, how could these great people have come thru me.”  They are truly good people. The kind of folks I would want to know more if they weren’t our children.  They love one another and treat each other with care and respect and love and that is a precious gift in itself.  WOW!


Ten, beautiful Grandbabies. There isn’t an ugly one in the bunch.  Haha  ( I may be a tiny bit prejudice). Each and every one is so incredibly precious, young beautiful skin, new hair, and teeth, chubby arms and thighs, twenty feet and twenty hands all moving at once when they are all here together. Beautiful laughing eyes and pools of giggling all about me.  WOW!

the top ten2

A beautiful farmstead that is always in need of my attention.  Repairing, replacing, or renovating. The barns need painting, the grass needs mowing, the fields need tilling, the vintage equipment need greasing and updating.  This farm steals my time and some that i don’t even have. It leaves me dog tired at the end of my day,  worn out happy, and my heart so full it feels like it could burst . I am  grateful to be the steward of this farm and land  and I pray that i am bringing honor to the previous caretakers.  WOW!


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