Chasing Bunnies

A few months ago, after a long hard winter, I decided that our “Pet bunnies” had been prisoner long enough. They had almost burrowed themselves out of the nice room shed they had been able to dwell in all winter. It has a dirt floor and its previous tenant’s (turkeys) were very pleased with their housing.  These bunnies dug DEEP  holes in the ground till one actually dug enough  that it reached the other side of the wall and was free.

The Buck…is a deep brown and he is huge. I turned him loose before winter as they were multiplying like rabbits . haha. He has been free all this time, he is not afraid of us humans and he eats the scratch grain and feed right along side the chickens and cows and his life seems content.

With one escapee I figure I would set the other three grown bunnies free and let them really live. I cannot tell you how much I love looking out the windows or walking around the farmyard and seeing large fat bunnies frolicking in the yard. They are not afraid of us and my faithful dog Brutus does not touch them. I believe he wants to…but he knows better. He watches them and then looks at me as if I will grant him permission to “get em”.  Which I wont.

Funny things, a short 30-40 days later I look out the window and there are lots of little baby bunnies playing in the yard. I have counted about 9. The moms are all white with black or brown or tan spots and the buck is solid chocolate so you can imagine how sweet all these bunnies are.

Our older grandchildren from Syracuse Indiana came up for a visit a week ago, and second born Leah wanted a bunny. I told her they were basically wild and she would not be able to catch one. Her Dad…our Son….contributed to the conversation by stating “Leah, if you can catch one you can take it home”.

OH MY GOODNESS. That silly little girl wanted a bunny so bad. She would chase them under the farmers porch that is built onto our shop, from one end to another. I looked one time and she found a ten foot piece of plastic waterline and was trying to “coax” them out of hiding. I looked another time and she had gotten a small dog kennel out of the barn, had it set up at the end of the farmers porch and had gotten carrots out of my refrigerator to bait her trap with.  ALL DAY LONG she was in hot pursuit of those bunnies. She would run and chase them, she would lay on the ground and call them, at one point she begged to be able to crawl under the porch! lol

About 4 o’clock I decided to run to town and grab some dinner fixings…… As I was walking out the door  I heard Leah begging her Daddy to help her catch a bunny.  Finally Thom  give in and decided to try and help her catch one. He enlisted the help of Mommy,  along with her Uncle Josh and Uncle Jason. I couldn’t believe when I arrived back to the farm and found out they had in fact caught a little black and  white  bunny.  Before the next  hour was over they had another one. The persistence of  this small child was impressive to me.  She has grit at her young age.

The comical part of this whole scenario was watching their daddy (our son) build a make shift bunny cage to get them home it. He used rodent wire I had here as they could escape through the chicken wire…his cage looks exactly like a large mailbox. Round top…flat bottom. Its cute.

Days later, these are the photos their mom sent to me.  Leah and Savannah are spoiling these little bunnies. They hold them, cuddle them, feed them, and they are working hard at getting mom and dad to approve a liter box in the house and allow the bunnies to be like a cat. I am not so sure they are going to win that debate  but I know that those little bunnies are very special to those girls. And I learned a few precious things myself that day…..about a little girls desire for a bunny of her own and how hard she was willing to work to get it.

Leah and her Bunny

Leah and her Bunny

Savannah and her Bunny

UPDATE:  Both of these little bunnies died about a week later and our granddaughters were completely and utterly crushed. Nothing would do but Omie (me) had to put out an all points bulletin on facebook, and yard sale sight seeking bunnies.

Within hours I had found some healthy Californian Baby Bunnies that are used to being held and interacting with humans. The girls were thrilled and so was I.  As I had to care for them a week before we could connect bunnies with the children. Last report the bunnies were thriving. THeir Daddy on the other hand isn’t so happy and does not want to endure any more “bunny funerals”.  The old softy…

Sad to say ….Death in pets helps prepare children for the harsh reality of losing a person.


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