SERIOUSLY….Look at this picture. Study it. Its snowflakes under a microscope.  There are dozens of snowflakes in this picture, and every one is different. BEAUTIFUL AND DIFFERENT.

As I am known to do…I take classes on the mind, spirit, heart, body, inner healing etc. I enjoy these classes and find them quite satisfying. BUT this morning I was shell shocked.

I often use the phrase “America is up to their hipbone in heartache” and it tends to cover a lot about  how people are feeling. The  daily grind of everyday life.  Today, as part of our computer homework,  we had to post some Q & A on the net and over 28 different COUNTRIES were participating. Notice I wrote COUNTRIES and not counties.  Again and again the same “thing” would appear ever 2 or three entries. I had no idea.

See, we think we are alone, and we let no one know how we really are feeling inside because its not “fashionable”. Woman and men from over 28 different countries all struggle with the same feelings of  unworthiness  and Underserving.

Every other entry on our class GRACE BOARD  was someone saying how they feel inadequate, undeserving , ashamed, not enough,….. Not tall enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not bold enough, not quiet enough, not educated enough, not rich enough, not forgivable ..

WOW…… I know its all out there… I am very familiar with ALL those  feelings throughout my lifes own journey …but it still  shocked me …bothered me. So many people all around the world…literally are all feeling the same way. Is it because of how we were raised, is it due to television , commercials, movies, or is it all just our own perspectives….either way I didn’t like seeing it with my own eyes. Why in a world of so much knowledge and intelligence are any of us feeling so insignificant.  Whenever I do motivational speaking which revolves around the birthing order for which we were born. Its a fun filled way to examine who we are and what has shaped us thus far but at the end of the seminar I always ask people to go out today and give someone the blessing of accepting them for who they are.  We all need that BLESSING from a loved one . Especially before that person has passed on. I make it a point to say…..

“Go out today and tell someone they are ok…that they hit the mark for you just as they are. Tell your paperboy…your, niece, nephew, great aunt or uncle…grandparents…mom or dad…boss or co worker.  GIVE  THE GIFT OF ACCEPTANCE TODAY..  Tell SOMEONE  they do a great job, they matter to you…they are important to you…No hoops to jump through, they don’t have to earn YOUR love or acceptance. Its there.

I try to tell our grandbabies all the time… “Emma you are my favorite Emma in the whole world and I love you. (This also goes for Benjamin, Leah, Savannah, Carly, Allyson, Logan, Matthew, Alaina, and Andrew and Jake.) I don’t make a big production of it I just  whisper it or say it when we are laughing or playing….but here’s the thing…

It would break my heart and DOES hurt my heart if I hear my children or grandchildren think they are unimportant or don’t matter to me. If any of our grandchildren  walked up to me and said they  felt unwanted, unaccepted, un worthy I would be sure to stop whatever I was doing..cup their  face in my hands and assure them  that while I cannot speak for the entire world……

IN OUR WORLD ….THEY ARE  BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY AND SPECIAL AND SMART…and deserving of a good, happy, love filled life.

Who would you like to hear those words from?  What person do you wish would just call you up or stop you and say

“Hey, I don’t always say it with words but I love you, you are a great person, I enjoy your company, I appreciate your hard work and dedication, I admire and respect you , YOU HAVE MADE A BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE….


..a random act of kindness  (ARK)  will go a long way towards a better tomorrow.

Everyone wants to be loved, we all wish to think our time here has mattered…counted for something good.  To think someone really “gets us, who we are and still loves us” its amazing.