Circle of Life and Good Byes


LIFE IS AN ACT OF FAITH……Struggle is optional

It seems like everyone is always saying Good bye to someone or something from their life. Whether its saying good bye to a pet we have had in our daily lives for years, or a job that we have created and helped form it to the success it has become, to a friend that is moving away for their own betterment, or a marriage that has been too long  in the “wrong lane” of traffic. Death visits the old, and the very young. It is no respect of anyone. It has no favorites, no warning. It turns on us like an angry crocodile and takes a bite out of heart.

Seems like these days we are ALL saying good bye to something or someone.

Beginnings are usually joyful, happy, exciting, empowering. The center piece of our lives, its the   meat and potatoes of an every day diet.  The  sustaining power…what keeps us up right and moving forward when everything within us yearns to just stop this crazy spinning world and jump right off into the abyss. It fuels us to keep going, it gives us power to believe, to hope its all going to get better, the rough spots will pass.

Endings…oh the pain and sadness and dark days that follow endings.  Change is difficult for most of us, and change is certainly inevitable if you are breathing . Its going to come whether we like it or not. Agree with it or not. Desire it or not. Its coming after us all like a mad bull on a full charge.  Learning to cope with it…is the secret to survival. To learn from it and become a BETTER person and not a bitter one is an added bonus.

Good bye is such a final sounding word. It offers no end to the pain we are enduring or the empty loneliness we will feel for months.  There is a portion of our hearts that has been damaged—a condition no medical doctor will be able to detect, but you will feel its final blow over and over again.

Everything within your view, that was once so normal will now seem so foreign, . Sunshine, birds, flowers, butterflies, it will take a huge amount of  time before you will notice them again or their beauty.  Yet somehow, with each passing day, each passing month we will grow accustomed to wearing our grief like a heavy coat on a hot July day. We wont feel the weight of it anymore, it will just be a part of us.

Then one day, we will notice the sky seems a little brighter than normal , the dark clouds begin to roll away, and a small piece of relief will be felt.  A light summer rain will cleanse our heavy ,mourning soul.     RAIN IS A HEALER!!!!    It helps a body not feel so alone, perhaps we feel like the rain drops are tear drops and they are mourning with us.

Our true growth comes from when we ACCEPT the cause of our pain, our grief, our hurt, and some day we will be able to  lighten or help others along the same painful journey down the road we have traveled.

Life is uncertain……there are so many tragedies unfolding all around us each and every day. Someone is losing a momma, a daddy, a brother, a sister,  (God help us a child), its everywhere and its sadly inevitable. Its the CIRCLE OF LIFE.  We deal with it, because we must, we received no choice in the happenstance.  The shock of loss will rock our world over and over again.   We go through the motions of arrangements, and life will not let us just sit down in a chair and stop living. We want to, but it wont let us,….yet  it is the MUNDANE activities of our everyday life that will sustain us and get us across these rough seas and onto the other side of the “mourning river”. We will reach the shore?  Broken, beaten and bruised.  It is in brushing our teeth, taking a shower, the mere act of getting dressed, chewing on a cracker, that will slowly bring us back to life,   because WE HAVE TO THOSE THINGS.

We will pray, and ask why…over and over again….we will work, and live, and laugh, and when we are alone we ask why again and again…..because sometimes its too surreal to fathom, too much for our minds to take….and GOD BLESS the person(s) who step in when we need them most and sustain us through the dark days.