THE DOLL in the dollhouse

Shortly before Christmas 2015, I received an instant message from someone I had never met.  It was an older gal  and she just messaged me out of the blue to tell me that she really enjoyed some of the posts that I placed periodically via facebook . I thanked her of course, and tried to come off as a “normal” person, when in fact at this time of year, the Holidays tend to remind me of what family is and isn’t.

It seems that the older I get the more I can identify with that old adage that family isn’t always about BLOOD, its more about who shows up time and time again when you need it most with a few spare feathers in one hand and some “super friend” glue in the other and is there to piece you back together and tell you that you WILL  fly again soon!!!!   I was in the midst of that sort of day when I received such an message from Miss Rosemary.

I responded in kind, and then she responded again. Then I answered that message, and she answered another one of mine and by the new year January  2016, we were sharing messages that were 8, and 9 paragraphs long. It is true that we will divulge more to a stranger sometimes…..thinking that we will never meet so it sort of becomes a “safe place” to land. We shared, family stories, past hurts, gave encouragement and just seemed to communicate as if we had known one another for years.

Well, finally I believe that Miss Rosemary invited me for coffee. I would normally never go to a strangers home, but I had been inquiring around town and heard several glowing reports about her and her equally….beautifully spirited hubby. So I accepted the invite and over I went one Wednesday morning.

From the moment I crawled out of my truck, she opened her door and  she was a DOLL!. Bright, happy,  beautiful ,  with more talent and kindness in one hand than I have seen in a long time. She invited me into her home as if we had known one another for years. I was PLEASED that her husband was lingering in the next room. A safety guard that anyone as good and kind hearted as she is should have close by.  Half way through our visit, Tom joined us for coffee.  When I write “joined us” I mean He was literally invited. He didn’t just walk in and park his tall lanky frame at the table. Miss Rosemary “invited” him to join us.  If you cannot read between the lines here, let me lay it out plainly.

I adored these two people . Not because they were so warm and receptive to me, not because I felt like I had known them for years, and not even for the fact that I wanted to drop at their feet and ask “Am I too old to be adopted by you two”. No, none of those reasons.

I was mesmerized by the way they treated one another. The MUTUAL LOVE & RESPECT is so completely evident in their marriage of 50 years. She has an idea, she mentions it and off Mr, Tom goes to “help Miss Rosemary” make it a reality.  They laugh with each other, and at each other. They don’t bark or snarl or say crude hurtful things in a joking manner. They are the real deal. What a BLESSING for me to just sit in their presence. I assure you , they are the best kept secret in town.

To date, I have had several wonderful visits with these two fine people. I have had Miss Rosemary at my home, and still I can attest that she is both delightful and inspiring. There is NOTHING that she cannot create, in fact the home in which they live resembles yet another  precious “Little home” they created together.




Look at this Doll House.  You would have to see it in person to truly appreciate it all to the tiniest detail. I was captivated by it the moment I walked in the door, Back in 1994 I stopped by a wood workers shop and inquired if he could make me a doll house —replica to the home I was renting at the time. I am so glad now that he was too busy to accept the request.

I bought a farm that same year, and 22 years later I am still in the processing of bringing back this old vintage farmhouse built in 1880,  Shortly,  I will begin to make my own doll house to replicate my home today,  and  I pray that Miss Rosemary and Mr, Tom will be available to help me make the inside of my doll house as adorable and warm as they have made theirs.

farm 2014

There is a DOLL that lives in a DOLLHOUSE, but its a real house and she is a REAL LIVING, BREATHING, LADY….and she has a wonderful, kind husband and together they have created a beautiful life with four children and grandchildren and a town that adores them.  Their story matters to me, their history, how they met, how they raised a family and where, how they arrived at the home they have today. It matters to me, because THEY MATTER TO ME. Because they are a SAFE PLACE for my tired weary sole in this CRAZY, GONE MAD WORLD.  They feel like family and we share no common denominator of BLOOD.  We are connected by HEART.


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