Remembering Mom..


Six years have come and gone now

And still we wonder why;

Through lots of prayers and memories

We think of you Mom, and cry.


God has HIS plan, HIS purpose

Of this we are quite sure;

But the emptiness we feel without you

There simply is no cure.


Our photo album is overflowing

From the wonderful times we shared;

The Holidays, the vacations, the yard sales

Your smiles showed… how much you cared


I miss the days when we drank coffee

Half the morning long;

Or sat and sewed matching shirts

While you taught baby Tonya a new song.


The hours we spent decorating cakes

A mess to this day…. I am not a fan;

But our family has grown and multiplied

And now  I baked cakes  for the entire clan.


One day we cut up your wedding dress

To revamp it for your 25th anniversary define;

I was scared clear down to my feet

But you kept laughing and saying “It will be fine”.


We sewed the dress back together,

Removing all the pleats that we could;

Then altered it more here and there

And it fit you…just like you said it would.


With the left over pieces of fabric

We stitch a duplicate dress just right;

It was made for two year old Tonya

To wear beside you…..on  that  Special night.


Today, that little dress is priceless

And a heirloom worth more than gold;

From our Mom,  our children’s  Grandmother,

And now great grandmother is Ten- fold.


You have 14 Great Grandchildren now

And we hope that from Heaven you can see;

Each one is so precious and beautiful

A part of YOU, and YOUR family tree.



In each of those little hearts;

And daily we all remind them

Of where they got their start.


And we pray that somehow through “Heavens- Sight”

Your generous heart has learned;

All the LOVE you gave, and INVESTED in us

Has been ten thousand times returned


The Precious Jewel of a Mother

Surely God gave us all in thee;

We love you still, we miss you more

Than any amount of water in the sea!


SHS 8/2016