Our Girls Are Home

Things here at the farm have gotten rather busy.  Crowded…. but a sweet comfortable  crowded might be a better use of the word.

It all began in March,  Our youngest Daughter ,  a professional gal with a wonderful hubby and four children decided they would like to build their own home . In 8 years of marriage they have  purchased two homes, renovated them and then another baby came into the picture and they really wanted some more space and since Hubby is a builder it sounds like a  perfect solution. We had a patch of woods that we hadn’t done anything with in 25 years so we offered it for them to build on.

They put their home on the market and it literally sold in two days. They packed all their belongings, bought a semi box “cargo trailer” had it delivered here to our farm from Chicago and they slowly moved everything from their home to that cargo trailer . In a neat and orderly fashion of course, as our youngest daughter and her hubby a slightly OCD, as are their children.

They have been extremely busy since they moved in here with us between working their jobs, raising their kids  , and planning and drawing and calculating house plans.  They have estimated the cost and projected  when the home will be complete. This is of course NOT mentioning all the work that goes into the mortgage end of a new build. Permits, fees, etc. Its so ridiculous . Why a person cannot build their own home anymore without someone governing their every move is beyond my understanding.  We have own our farm, and the ground and yet the govt still can dictate what we do with it, when and for what purpose.  Not to mention the township rules and regulations that are most the time motioned and carried without the knowledge of half the township tax payers. You cannot obtain a township book of rules nor can you get a clear concise  answer as to who sits on the board.

Then in May, Our oldest Daughter, her wonderful hubby and their three children  was here for a typical Sunday visit  at the farm.  When we  discovered that the neighbor down the road was selling his 80 acre  farm, house , barn, etc. She inquired as to what he was asking and of course in this day and age you can barely afford to live , never mind being able to afford 80 at almost 400K.  However , the farmer was enticed with the idea of selling the kids his homestead and 25 acres to start and down the road perhaps the option for more ground would be available. This farm is exactly 4/10 of a mile due north of the farm she was raised on…our farm… so everyone was beyond excited.

Plans began immediately for minor repairs to their current home and it was also placed on the market. Within 10 days , their home sold, and now their family was beginning the process of packing their home and moving within 30 days.

The farmer was adamant that they have their financing in order and ready to make the purchase by mid June. And they were. Apparently however when you live somewhere for over 41 years moving out when you and your spouse are in your early  70’s isn’t as simple as the previous owner thought it would be.

There were a few more glitches in the set up and suddenly it was time for our Oldest Daughter and her Hubby and kids to be OUT of their home. They had no where to move their things or themselves as they had been planning all this time to go straight from their beautiful , 3 bedroom, 2 bath home into a very neglected farmhouse, but live in it as they remodeled. Something a million farm families have done through the years.

They understood the clean up process and renovations would be massive from the word go but they were willing and ready to jump in with both feet. As life goes, things have slowed to a crawl, the previous owner has drug his feet regarding his end of appointments, appraisals, etc . and decisions had to be made rather quickly. So…..

I cleaned everything out of our two car attached garage, and Daughter and Hubby have moved all their worldly possessions into it. It is a tight fit to say the least but we made it happen. Everything they own is in there, and they tried to arrange things so they could keep their freezer plugged in and their dressers lining the outside edge of the garage so they can get to their clothes as they need them. After all its ONLY FOR 2 WEEKS.



Its been a wonderfully loud, chaotic experience. Seven of our 12 Grandchildren are here for  breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, as it is summer and school hasn’t begun yet. They all  play together, they all  fight together, and they all beg to have sleep overs with each other though they live on the same piece of  property at the moment.

Everyone has worked together, and worked tirelessly to make the renovations happen quickly so they can move into their dream home. Unfortunately their dream home has been hiding quite a few things behind walls, under floors etc and the home has basically been torn down to the studs and built back up INCLUDING the studs themselves. We have broken and removed several layers of a kitchen floor which included 4 inches of concrete poured over 3 layers of wood flooring.  The main box plates of the home have been cut out and replaced in some sections. Windows have been replaced, entire walls have been torn off the exterior of the  house, re built and replaced. It has been a huge undertaking but the kids have continued to plugged away at it, morning and night, after work, on weekends, in the rain and heat and now the  winter snows.  It has been just over 7.5  months, and it looks as though their move in date has arrived.

In time,  everyone will laugh about all this  major renovation.  They will “REMEMBER WHEN”  they did this or that to their home. Our oldest Daughter,  will fill photo albums just as Her Father and I did 24 years ago  with  tons of before and after pictures, and one day her own children will see those pictures, and  barely  recall the moments. Our own three children were 10, 7, and 6, and though they had to endure all the renovation process here at our farm for their entire lives, its surprising how much of it they don’t recall. They were young kids, turned loose on farm, and spent their days entertaining themselves. And that is how its suppose to be.

Its Life. History does repeat itself in the most comical ways, and the circle of life continues to spin.

For almost 8 months we lived  with dressers in every room, extra dogs, a cat, and three young  kids about our feet.   We all endured mountains of  laundry and dishes,  and endured everything from  screams of delight to  screams of frustration.  All in all, we know this is probably the last time either of our girls will “Be home” at the same time . Our oldest daughter will be living 4/10 of a mile north of us and our youngest daughter will be living south of us just across the corn field .  All that is left to do, if eventually talk our Son, his Wife and 5 children into moving into our little township.

This is OUR family township. Just due north about 3 miles My  Fathers parents   bought a small farm in  1946 when my Dad was ten years old.

Dad has lived on that same farm for 70 years now. It is the same farm that He also raised myself  and my  three brothers.

Interesting side note is that all 4 of us kids live on this same stretch of road, in the same township.  It Wasn’t planned that way,  two of us bought farms on this  road and two bought property from our Dad to build on.  Its how God planned it to be.

Now 2 of our 3 children are doing the same. Yes, we must surely make room for our Only son and his family one day soon.  We are BLESSED.