Circa 2016

Tie me to your apron strings, A song as old as time;

Yet, today I heard it differently….It wasn’t just a rhythm.

The song describes happy times,, upon their mothers knee;

Where she sang to  them, And wiped their tears, Its a place they always liked  to be.

If she ties them to her apron strings, She can protect them day and night;

They will never be too far from  help, Or from their Momma’s guiding light.

Most days, there is not a Sunday in our home, That I am not wearing an apron to cook;

Preparing  the meals, or gathering eggs, There is an apron  in every nook

There is a pile of them in the cabinet, For every granddaughters to wear;

They dig through my stash with such laughter, While aprons, get tossed everywhere!

But soon they find their favorite one, And it makes their chores seem light;

They are “Helpers in Omie’s Kitchen” today, And they hearts are filled with delight..

I wish I could tie them all up safely, Still giving them all their wings,

Its a few strips of material made with love, But it teaches so many things.

I have never seen an apron, made with 12 strings hanging from the back;

And I’m sure none of us could move forward, If we were all tied up in a “pack”

I will  Trust the Good Lord for their Keeping, That HE will  Bless their lives all the time;

And I will keep them near, with my “Imaginary Strings” Always tied to this heart….and…this  Apron of Mine. shs/2016

Not too long ago, my Oldest Grand Daughters Leah and Savannah wanted to make some aprons for their Fair entries. They just went upstairs and picked out some of the material I had on hand and they were ready to begin sewing them together. They have both sewn some before with their mom, so this was a pretty simple task.

I invited them to use some of my great Aunts handkerchiefs on the front of their aprons for decoration and for a remembrance of her as they had all known her also. Though she was their Great Great Aunt Carole.

Within no time at all the girls aprons were finished and they loved them. At the fair they both received “A” and proper points for them .

They chose their own color combinations and even though they both know how to sew, and were awake for their delighted me to see their surprise of how pretty their aprons were when they had finished. Both the girls were so impressed with what they had made from old pieces of cloth.

Now we fast forward to last week. I have some younger Grand Daughters and they were in awe of their older cousins and their aprons and now they wanted one of their own also.

Again, we make the trip up to the material dresser and they picked out the material they wanted to use and this time they chose their hanky before they were certain of the material. Either way they wanted to follow Leah and Savannah and what they had done.

(Note here: Leah and Savannah are what we called the Older grand girls, they also have two little sisters Carly 4,  and Norah almost 1. Older Brother Ben is 11….. We refer to these little ones as the younger grand girls.  Our Middle group of Grand girls consists of Allyson 7, Alaina, 5 and Emmalynn 5. ) Our Grand Sons are the same way. We have the Older boys Benjamin and Matthew, and then we have what we call the Younger boys….Logan, Andrew, and Jacob.

So Allyson sewed an apron, and then Alaina sewed her aprons and last was Emmalynn.  The same pattern repeated itself. Each girl did the work, though this was their first time sewing and I thought they did a really good job as sewing and listening to me. Go forward, slow down, follow the line, now push the reverse button but keep your foot going.  It was a good time, and we laughed much.

Alaina is much like me. When I was about 12 my grand mother tried to teach me how to sew. She was a magnificent seamstress and I mean anything from suits, to prom dress, evening gowns, costumes for Walt Disney …she was amazing. There fore teaching a little far tomboy like me must have been taxing for her. I remember her saying over and over again..

“SLOW DOWN ,  SLOW DOWN,   God help you when you start to drive a car, that all I can say”.  Today I laugh at that memory and how working with our girls triggered it back to my mind . I am still a fast mover today. I Don’t do many things at a slow pace and I see that in Alaina as I told her a few times that day  ” Slow Down Girly…’re not driving a car”.

What a treat to share in this apron making circus. We laughed and learned from each other . And I am so grateful that they wanted an apron, grateful that I was here to teach it to them and grateful to GOD  for the beauty,  and love,  and laughter,  that each of  OUR Grand daughters  and grand sons  bring into our lives..